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Marie Biscuits Choco Balls

Marie Biscuits Choco Balls is a very easy dessert that you can make in few minutes and it will never fail to please a crowd. The recipe is totally drool worthy and makes a great party item.

You could also involve your kids while making these…..its a great way to bond with them and since there is no fire/stove required, its totally safe too!

Its great for parties….looks so yummilicious and cute….will be gone in few minutes. So make them for your next get-together and be ready to impress your guests!

Healthy Bakes

They say that- “the path to a person’s heart is through his/her stomach”. So all the girls (especially the Indian brides-to- be) are expected to be great cooks! But at the same time, It is our duty to look after ours and our loved ones health too. All the mothers are especially worried about what to make which their kids eat happily and is healthy too!!

I faced the same dilemna…..and then thought- What better way to do this with fabulous cakes and muffins that not only look good but also taste amazing!

But before I mention about our healthy bakes, let me first mention that “All our products are EGGLESS and made with premium quality ingredients”.

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